38 years and over 1 million jumps. Experience you won’t find anywhere else!

Skydive Baltimore is a Skydive Maryland/Parachutes Are Fun, Inc company, which has owned and operated skydiving centers in Delaware and Maryland since 1974.
We have taught over 14,000 people to skydive and dropped well over 1.5 million skydivers! Thousands of Baltimore and Washington DC residents skydive with us every summer. The senior members of our staff have overseen thousands of training jumps. Skydiving is our passion, profession, and hobby and it has been that way for over 38 years.

The BEST Location:

Skydive Baltimore is located in Aberdeen Maryland at the Harford County airport.
www.harfordair.com just 3 miles off of I-95, 30 miles from downtown Baltimore, 60 miles from Washington DC and Philadelphia. We are the only skydiving center that serves Baltimore and is the most convenient to Wilmington DE, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia. We offer unmatched 360° views of downtown Baltimore, the Chesapeake Bay, and the Susquehanna River on every jump! With our close proximity to the metro areas, we are able to offer the most stunning views available, all while saving you a huge amount of valuable travel time!

Tandem skydiving is Skydive Baltimore’s specialty. We take it seriously and keep your safety our number one priority. Using specialized high performance parachutes built for two, just about anyone can experience the thrill of a 120mph freefall followed by the surreal beauty of a scenic parachute flight all with the safety and added assurance of a certificated, professional tandem instructor. Skydive Baltimore is proud to bring you the incomparable world of tandem skydiving from over 2 miles high at the best skydiving location in the USA!! It’s here to be experienced…!

Please click here for skydive reservations and photo video pricing.

Please click here for skydive reservations and photo video pricing.

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