Looking for adventure? Try DC skydiving!

Looking for adventure? Try DC skydiving!

Do you crave adrenaline pumping excitement and thrilling adventures? DC Skydiving might just be what you are looking for.

In fact, if you have ever wished to fly and soar like a bird in the sky, we believe you’re a natural-born skydiver, or at the very least, we think you should give DC Skydiving a try.

DC Skydiving: What’s it like to skydive?

You are in a small airplane that has finally reached the right altitude (approximately 2 miles up) to allow you to perform the skydiving jump. At that point, your skydiving instructor begins the tandem skydive hook-up sequence. Once that’s completed, the skydiving instructor opens the door of the airplane, and cool air fills the cabin. Your heart starts pumping, and the adrenaline takes over your body, then you place your feet on the step of the aircraft and…off you jump!

You find yourself flying – a 120MPH free fall that is an unforgettable flying experience and usually lasts around one minute. After that, your tandem DC Skydiving instructor, who is always with you (typically strapped to your back), will activate the high-performance parachute, which will allow you to descend slowly over Aberdeen, enjoying breathtaking views of the Chesapeake Bay, Baltimore, and beyond.

Guided by your tandem skydiving instructor, you will make slow and steady turns in the sky for 8 to 12 minutes of parachute flight until you will smoothly land at the Harford County Airport.


All this takes place while a video is taken (or, alternatively, a series of photographs) to record your entire skydiving experience*.

If this sounds fun to you, then you have the heart of a skydiver in you!

*Specific video or photography packages can be ordered before your jump so that the necessary equipment is set up for your jump. Check with our booking agents when you call to book your jump and select the best video or photography package that’s right for you.

Limitations – What You Need to Know

So to offer the best skydiving experience, and to meet our technical and physical requirements, there are some limitations for jumpers to consider:

  • Be at least 18 years of age or older (no exceptions)
  • Be in good health (if unsure, visit your doctor and discuss your skydiving plans)
  • Weigh less than 235lbs. Additional fees apply to customers over 200lbs

DC Skydiving with Us. Learn Why.

Since 1974, our Company has owned and operated skydiving centers in the states of Delaware and Maryland. We have taught over 14,000 people to skydive and dropped well over 1.5 million skydivers! Thousands of residents from nearby Baltimore, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, New York, and as far as California, choose us as their “go-to” skydiving destination, every year, from March to November. Our professional skydiving staff members have overseen thousands of training jumps. It is clear that Skydiving is our passion, profession, and hobby and it has been that way for over 43 years.

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