Some Options for Skydiving near DC


Some Options for Skydiving near DC

17The other day we looked at our analytics account and we noticed we have a lot of visitors that find our website from all over the eastern states. Some of the things our customers search for are:

  • Skydiving near DC
  • DC skydive
  • Fairfax Skydiving
  • Arlington Skydiving
  • Alexandria Skydiving
  • Leesburg Skydiving
  • Manassas Skydiving
  • Warrenton Skydiving
  • Fredericksburg Skydiving
  • Annandale Skydiving
  • Bethesda Skydiving
  • Potomac Skydiving
  • Rockville Skydiving
  • Pennsylvania Skydiving
  • Philadelphia Skydiving

15The interesting thing was that out of the people that contacted us, we discovered that a percentage of them were looking to find a location to go skydiving near DC to enjoy the breathtaking views that are available in this area, such as Chesapeake Bay all the way to Washington DC.

Another percentage of people were interested in our “skydiving near DC” skydiving facilities because they were looking to buy a skydiving jump as a gift for friends or loved ones for Valentine’s Day, or as birthday gifts or anniversary gifts, and even as thank you gifts for co-workers, bosses, or business partners.

Gift a Tandem Skydiving Experience

A tandem skydiving experience can be the most perfectly surprising and exciting gift for your friends and loved ones. To determine if your friends or loved ones are good candidates for receiving a Tandem Skydiving experience as a gift, let’s go over some basics of what Tandem Skydiving is and how you can ensure it’s the right gift for the occasion.

  • Must be above 18 years of age
  • Must be in good health
  • Possibly weigh less than 220lbs
  • Love to experience exciting adventures
  • Must not be afraid of flying on an airplane or of the idea of flying in general
  • Must not be afraid of heights
  • Like unique gifts
  • Have been mentioning skydiving or other similar sports
  • are already skydivers or beginning skydivers

18You may find it surprising to see the expression and excitement of your friend or loved one when you present a skydiving gift certificate. It’s interesting to note that while many people might never take on such an activity if they were to purchase it themselves, when they receive it as a gift they find it an amazing opportunity to do something they might have only dreamed about.

You should also consider booking a skydiving session together with your friend or loved one, so that you can both skydive at the same time, making it an amazing experience that will be shared and remembered in the years to come.

If your friend or loved one would like to know more about the safety of Skydiving near DC with us, we strongly recommend you print this out for them and include it together with your skydiving gift.

Skydiving Near DC: Skydiving Safety is our Priority.

Since 1974, our Company has owned and operated skydiving centers in the states of Delaware and Maryland. We have taught over 14,000 people to skydive and dropped well over 1.5 million skydivers! Our professional skydiving staff members have overseen thousands of training jumps. Skydiving is our passion, profession, and hobby and it has been that way for over 43 years.

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