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Video and Still Photography Packages!

Skydive Maryland offers a wide variety of video and digital still photography packages to fit any budget.

Hand Cam video: Your skydive will be captured using Hand Cam strapped to your instructor’s arm. Using a super wide angle lens, the image is amazingly vivid and exciting. Using Hand Cam allows us to document moments in your skydive that we could not do before, such as your face when the parachute deploys, and the beautiful parachute flight to the ground.

Still photos: With this option your instructor will take a high definition still camera to capture your jump! You will receive 150 to 200(!!!) still photographs of your thrilling leap and parachute flight. These photos are presented on a CD-R disk for easy upload to your favorite social media site!!

Hand Cam video with still photos: With this option, in addition to the above mentioned Hand Cam video, your instructor will take along a high quality still camera that captures pictures of your freefall and parachute flight. These 150 to 200 stunning digital still photographs are copied onto a CD-R disk for easy uploads. This is without a doubt our most popular package!

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