Tandem Skydiving in Washington DC


Tandem Skydiving in Washington DC

Before you go Tandem Skydiving in Washington DC, let’s take a look at what Tandem Skydiving is. First, close your eyes and imagine that you are miles up in the sky, and everything is silent except for the air whistling around you. The adrenaline rushes through your body, and you feel ecstatic. Your body feels free. A wonderful feeling you have never felt before!

However, let’s go back a bit, let’s start from the beginning. Before you can tandem skydive in Washington DC, you will go through a brief ground training session that will teach you all you need to know to have fun and Skydive in Washington DC. You will be suited up and will board the skydiving airplane. The skydiving aircraft will fly for approximately 15-minute to reach an altitude of 11,000 feet. You will be able to enjoy a beautiful aerial view of the I-95 corridor spanning from Philadelphia all the way to a Washington DC Skydiving view. Also, you will be able to get a stunning view of Baltimore and all its suburbs. As you reach the right altitude for the skydiving jump, the tandem skydive hook-up sequence begins, until your instructor opens the aircraft’s door and a rush of cool air fills the cabin. The adrenaline starts to take over your body as you place your feet on the step of the aircraft, then off you jump!

You will feel like flying instead of falling, as the air envelopes you on an unforgettable and exciting two- mile high, in a 120MPH freefall that usually lasts around one minute. Your tandem skydiving in DC instructor will activate your parachute, which will allow you to descend slowly over Aberdeen, enjoying breathtaking views of the Chesapeake Bay, Baltimore, and beyond. Guided by your tandem skydiving instructor, you will make slow and steady turns in the sky for 8 to 12 minutes of parachute flight until you will smoothly land at Harford County Airport.

You have just experienced the ultimate adventure! Tandem Skydiving near Washington DC!

Skydiving DC Pricing | How much does it cost to Skydive in Washington DC?

With our custom-built skydiving facilities near Washington DC, and our record for great customer service, affordable pricing and breathtaking views, in addition to proximity to Washington DC (only 60 miles from Washington DC), it is easy to understand why we are skydivers’ favorite choice when it comes to choosing a skydiving center near Washington DC. Our Skydiving DC pricing is affordable and clearly stated on our website with no hidden fees. Also, we offer a variety of video and photography packages that allow you to record your skydiving jump to share with family and friends. We have a variety of options when it comes to pricing for video and photo pricing. Make sure to check out our pricing page for all our latest skydiving DC pricing and to find out how much it costs to skydive in Washington DC.

Don’t wait. Book your Skydiving DC experience now!

Once you are ready to book your Skydiving DC experience with us, you will be able to choose between two convenient options to book your skydiving DC jump. First of all, if you prefer to call to book your jump, simply call us at 800-659-JUMP. Alternatively, you can book directly online by going to our booking page.

We hope to see you on our next jump, for that unforgettable Washington DC Skydiving jump.

–The Skydive Baltimore Team

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