Alexandria Virginia Skydiving

Alexandria Virginia Skydiving

If you are looking for Alexandria Skydiving or Alexandria VA Skydiving, you might be looking for the best skydiving centers that offer tandem skydiving within an hour’s drive from Alexandria, VA.

Our skydiving center, Skydive Baltimore, is just 60 miles from Alexandria and we have many skydiving customers from Alexandria VA that regularly drive to Skydive Baltimore to enjoy the fantastic skydiving experience that we offer.

Simply continue reading this article to find out why Alexandria Virginia skydivers are coming to Skydive Baltimore to experience the perfect skydiving jump!

First of all, many of our returning customers are from Alexandria, Virginia, as well as from other cities in Virginia, such as Arlington, Fairfax, Leesburg, Manassas, Warrenton, Fredericksburg, Annandale, Bethesda, Potomac, Rockville and more!

We often ask our Alexandria skydiving customers why they prefer jumping at Skydive Baltimore. The enthusiasm and the level of trust they have for our skydiving center is second to none. Some of their reasons included the amazing sky views that can be experienced in this area of Maryland, as well as the unmatched customer service that we gladly provide to all our skydiving customers.

If you are wondering if only experienced skydivers come to us, the answer is no. In fact, many of our skydiving customers have never jumped before! In addition, many skydivers come to us because of our great reputation and spotless safety record. We are proud to be a great destination for first time skydivers as well as experienced skydivers. We love skydiving and the more people we can introduce to this amazing sport, the better!

15Whether they come to us because they were looking for Alexandria Skydiving, or for any other related keywords such as Virginia skydiving, Arlington skydiving, Fairfax skydiving, Leesburg skydiving, Manassas skydiving, Warrenton skydiving, Fredericksburg skydiving, Annandale skydiving, Bethesda skydiving, Potomac skydiving, and Rockville skydiving, the best skydiving experience is waiting for you here, at Skydive Baltimore!

Let’s go over some more reasons why skydivers looking for Alexandria Skydiving ended up jumping with Skydive Baltimore!

Extensive Skydiving Experience

Since 1974, our Company has owned and operated skydiving centers in the states of Delaware and Maryland. We have taught over 14,000 people to skydive and dropped well over 1.5 million skydivers! That’s the kind of experience in skydiving that you won’t easily find anywhere else.

Spotless Safety Record

One of the many reasons first time skydivers as well as experienced skydivers choose to jump with us over other skydiving centers is because of our instructors’ extensive experience that spans over 75,000 combined jumps, with zero injuries.

1Best Views

Enjoy amazing views of Baltimore, Chesapeake Bay, the Susquehanna river, downtown Baltimore, the suburbs, and more! The views are breathtaking and they are well worth the short drive from Alexandria Virginia.

Media Packages

Consider one of our media packages (either video, photo stills, or both) so that you can treasure the moment of your jump for years to come that you can then share with your friends and family.

Ready to Jump?

Call us now at 800-659-JUMP, or check out our website at for additional information.

We are waiting for you!

–The Skydive Baltimore Team



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