DC Skydiving

DC Skydiving

DC Skydiving is a commonly searched term on the web and often people who search DC Skydiving end up on our blog. Most of our readers are surprised to find out that you cannot go skydiving in Washington DC due to the presence of many key government buildings, such as the White House. However, it is entirely possible to go DC Skydiving near Washington DC.  DC Skydiving is sought after by many skydivers and now that you know this important restriction on DC Skydiving, what can a skydiver enthusiast do? You can do the next best thing: Skydiving near DC! Let us show you how our Skydive Baltimore, located only 60 miles from Washington DC can help you with your dream of going DC Skydiving.

DC Skydiving: Best Location

Our skydiving facilities are only 60 miles from Washington DC, and they are located just off of I-95. This allows drivers to reach us easily without risk of getting lost. Once you arrive at our skydiving facilities, you will realize why many customers prefer to skydive with Skydive Baltimore rather than choosing other skydiving centers near Washington DC. Starting from top-notch customer service to our custom built facility and experienced instructors, we stand out from the competition, and our customers reap all the benefits!

DC Skydiving: Best Views

There are many additional reasons why you would want to DC Skydiving with us instead of another skydiving center. One of them is our location, which near Washington DC, and allows you to enjoy breathtaking views of the Chesapeake Bay, the Susquehanna River, downtown Baltimore and the suburbs. We strongly believe that you cannot enjoy better skydiving views, be it in Virginia or Maryland, or even Washington DC.

DC Skydiving: Best Facilities

Skydive Baltimore is one of the only custom-built skydiving facilities near Washington DC. In fact, we believed that it was worth the investment to provide the best facilities and service we could offer to all skydivers looking for a professional skydiving center near Washington DC. Here’s just a brief list of the benefits you can enjoy thanks to our custom-built skydiving facility: plenty of space for everyone, possibility to host parties, events and large groups, as well as comfortable viewing areas for those friends or family who are coming to watch you jump. We are very proud of our facility and we are sure you will be glad we have invested in it when you come to skydive at Skydive Baltimore.

The Best DC Skydiving Experience

If you are looking for the best DC Skydiving experience and want it to be flawless, extremely fun and memorable, you have found the right skydiving company to make your wishes come true. Call Skydive Baltimore now at 800-659-JUMP, or check out our website at for additional information. For any questions regarding DC Skydiving, please contact us. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have and make sure you are as excited as we are about your upcoming DC Skydiving adventure!

–The Skydive Baltimore Team

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