Amanda M.

I was more than pleased with my jump this weekend! When we arrived the parking lot was packed full of people, there were probably about 6 jumpers and they were going back to back to back! Never stopping, besides to train or grab a quick sip of water! We had a scheduled time of 12, but didn’t get geared up and trained till 2. Still I wasn’t mad on the website it said expect to be there for about 4-6 hours. We saw our names on the board and patiently waited for us to be called. We finally got our instructors and I was paired up with Arnold, a cutie and very sweet! Who not only walked me through the jump once, but three times. He was a great instructor. When it was time to go, he walked me to the plane and we got very close and personal being that it was a very small plane. He talked to me the whole time, and was very personable. I never once was nervous or scared, I think due to the fact he was being extremely kind and I’m not afraid to be adventurous ! But it came time to jump and it went exactly as planned! I was so happy when we landed. I got a video and pictures, and we only had to wait about 30 min and they were ready, again still not an issue because we were waiting for our other group to finish there jump. I left Arnold with kind note, and tip. Gave him hug and I was on my way! I had never been skydiving before but I would recommend this place to anyone. I think it’s crazy that the reviews I am reading are bad! I had the time of my life and I can NOT wait to go do it again! The lady at the registration desk was busy with checking in everyone, and she seemed a bit frazzled, but that’s okay when your busy! She was keeping up so well! We were supposed to get t-shirts but they were out of smalls (typical) so they kindly took our address and said give it about 2 weeks and we will have em in the mail!! Over all I am more than please with Skydive Baltimore!!

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